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Here I would just like to share with you my site map. I have tried to write these pages as if writing a book. So it is best if read from front to back. Although some at the back has nothing to do with Magick but feelings and thought I have at any given time. I have spent a lot of time touring the net and looking at pages, hunting and gathering. There are some that I love. These I have provided links to on the links page. This page is nothing but links and a few extra things that I have picked up or created. The created things are available for download. It is not much for now but I am working on other things as you read. The links I have gathered will help to further the understanding of some of the things I have written in the Book of Shadows. There are also Links intermingled in these pages to other people s pages for I do not want to repeat what they have perfectly done better than I can.

Tarain: On this page I have outlined some of the Tenants of the system I have made. I do not call it a tradition because I am the only one that practices it. Some things may not be explained well but you have only to ask and I will answer. It is gotten to by following the next button from the Beginnings page.

Tiny Teaching and Ideas: Getting to these pages means clicking the next button from the Tarain page. They are pages that have some things that I have discovered during my Magickal Journeys. From this page you can get to the Book of Shadows page.

Book of Shadows: On this page are links to each of the section described and explained. From those pages you can only get home, email, links or back to the Book of Shadows. This is really a teaching site more than an information site.

Musings: This section you can only get to from this link. It is the thinking page. These are thoughts I may be thinking about at the time and wanted to share. Perhaps I am unclear on something and someone reading it has an idea as to how I can clear it up. Or maybe there is something about the world that is bothering me and I just wanted to share. If rants and such are made on this page, please understand that I am likely ranting mostly to teach myself the lesson I am trying to preach.

Poetry: Just a bonus section, you can get to it by clicking the titles of the poems on the following page.

Get to the Beginnings page by clicking the next button at the bottom of this page.

As I said above this is a teaching site more than an information site. I am using these pages to collect what I know and have learned in the hopes that I can better my knowledge of what I have. It is my hopes that by sharing it here I can further you knowledge also.

I have done it this way because I would really like for you to read the first two pages and I think it is easier. From every page you can either get back here or to the links page. From the links page you can only get back here. The e-mail button is on each page if you have questions or comments about that page. E-mail as many times as you feel is needed.

I have also tryed to make these pages printable. But If you want something from here I think it is best to cut and paste to a word processing document. That way you can format it to fit your needs.

Blessings of love,

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